Ynni Glan specialises in fuel cells, the keystone clean energy technology.

Rapid advances are underway in developing fuel cells for applications from buildings to data centres to portable electronics and vehicles. No other energy technology offers the versatility and widespread range of applications as fuel cells.

Ynni Glan has delivered fuel cell studies on data centres and the skills which can boost UK industry. We are also developing markets for fuel cells through our contacts with international fuel cell manufacturers and suppliers.

During 2012, Ynni Glan will be leading a number of initiatives to catapult fuel cells into the public domain in the UK, including the UK Fuel Cell Drive and an exhibition at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, to be attended by over 150,000 people.

Benefits of fuel cells include:

  • generation of reliable and predictable electricity and heat for homes;
  • long-term savings and control over energy costs; 
  • energy security through the most efficient use of fuels;
  • solving the dilemma of intermittent renewables by providing a use for renewable hydrogen; 
  • changing the face of motoring as the only viable alternative to the engine;
  • weeks of charging capacty for laptops and mobile phones;
  • improved human health from clean air;
  • clean energy to combat climate change.

Invented by Welshman Sir William Robert Grove as long ago as 1839; the power source which took man to the Moon; remarkable fuel cell developments are taking place across the world.

"Germany's ..... fuel cell industry is on the verge of a major breakthrough." Dr. Juergen Friedrich, Chief Executive of Germany Trade & Invest