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 Ynni Glan is a clean energy consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales, specialising in fuel cells.

Ynni Glan works with companies from architects to installers to provide a comprehensive service to develop renewable & low carbon energy projects.   



NEW: European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 - Details Published 


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September 2012

Follow the Hydrogen Road Tour on Twitter @H2RoadTourUK

Follow the European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 - showcasing zero emission fuel cell cars from Daimler, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda on Twitter @H2RoadTourUK

September 2012

European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 - Details Published

Ynni Glan is organisng the UK-leg of the H2 Road Tour which will visit Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon and London. For full details go to:

May 2012

Ynni Glan to organise UK leg of the 2012 Euro Road Tour of fuel cell vehicles

From Cardiff to Bristol to Swindon to London over 1 week in October 2012, public ride & drive and VIP events will showcase the technology which will change the face of motoring with zero emissions.

April 2012

Ynni Glan has completed 2 LEAF-funded community energy projects in Wales

Community energy projects have been led and delivered by Ynni Glan in the Gwendraeth Valley, Carmarthenshire, and Garndiffaith, Torfaen.

In Cynheidre, an area-wide renewable energy assessment led to detailed wind and hydro studies at 11 sites. Additionally, a district heating study has laid-out the benefits of community heating from an anaerobic digester. Lively community events were held with strong opinions expressed both in favour and against the local generation of energy. The potential is evident but the debate goes on. See for further details.

The Garndiffaith project has analysed 4 very good hydro sites and 2 excellent wind sites with the promise of more. Three community buildings - the rugby club, community hall and school - were also assessed for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Total generation capacity is high from several technologies and can act as a model for other communities. Further details can be found at

October 2011

New Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell and Private House Projects underway

Ynni Glan has expanded its project portfolio to include: 

  • Solar PV projects (roof-mounted and tracker) which maximise the benefits to clients from the currently high feed-in tariffs and falling module prices;
  • Assessments of wind energy sites for farming clients in west Wales;
  • Scoping study and market assessment for the generation of power using fuel cells for a large data centre;
  • Feasibility studies on the installation of renewable energy at large private houses.

Contact Guto on 07974 565421 or for further details and to discuss your project needs.

Edrychwn mlaen at glywed gennych.

May 2011

Ynni Glan secures community wind project

Ynni Glan has won a contract to steer a small community wind project in Gwynedd. Working with partners Seren Energy, Ynni Glan will provide a plan of action for the wind project which is the brainchild of 4 local landowners for the benefit of the community.

"Ynni Glan supports local, community-led wind energy projects which can bring much-needed and sustainable revenue into communities. The team is delighted to have the opportunity to support this project."

Guto Owen, Director, Ynni Glan

April 2011

Ynni Glan secures 3 new contracts.

UK Summit Skills, the trade body which represents the Building Services Engineering Sector. A report on the trades and skills which will benefit from the development of the UK fuel cell industry.

Farmers' co-operative in Carmarthenshire: anaerobic digester feasibility study to generate distributed clean energy in the Gwendraeth Valley.


Torfaen CBC : anaerobic digester feasibility study for the local authority's community farm.

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